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Advanced Veterinary Dental Care Services from Log Cabin Animal Hospital

Log Cabin Animal Hospital is having a special promotion for your pet's dental care.

Great dental health keeps your entire pet's body healthy. Pet periodontal disease is one of the most prominent, yet most easily prevented problems found in companion animals. To prevent your pet from developing periodontal disease, secondary infections, or other issues resulting from a lack of oral care, we highly recommend brushing your pet’s teeth every day.

You should also schedule your pet for annual wellness care appointments or courtesy dental examinations where we will evaluate your pet’s oral health. The following quality veterinary dental care services are offered to help prevent or treat dental problems:

  • Oral examination
  • Digital dental X-rays
  • Teeth cleaning and preventive care
  • Tooth saving attempts (we will do our best to save your pet’s tooth when possible and applicable rather than revert to immediate extraction)
  • Veterinary extractions
  • Pet pain control
  • Home care advice (including at-home dental products available for purchase)
  • Pet dental care deals

Recently, we invested in several state-of-the-art pet dental care technology upgrades while continuing to maintain fair prices and offer several dental deals. Our new equipment includes:

  • VetPro 1000, which allows us to perform extractions much more quickly and efficiently due to a high-speed drill and fiber optic lighting
  • Bionet monitor, which continuously monitors your pet’s body temperature, blood pressure, EKG, respiration, heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation while under anesthesia
  • Circulating warm air blanket and “Cloud 9” warm air blanket, used to prevent hypothermia, a major side effect of anesthesia that puts pets at risk for complications, discomfort, and slow recovery
  • Capnograph

Call today to schedule your free pet dental examination. Be sure to fill out our dental care consent form prior to any dental procedures (your pet’s initial courtesy exam does not require a consent form).


  • Discounted blood work—We offer discounted pre-anesthetic blood panels prior to pet dental cleanings to make sure your pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia.
  • Full mouth digital dental X-rays included with a pet dental cleaning—Evaluation of the tooth structures below the gum line allows us to properly diagnose pet dental disease.
  • Free gift bag with a dental cleaning—Includes at-home pet dental care products such as toothpaste, a toothbrush, water additive, dental care treats, or Oravet protective sealant.
  • Free recheck exam—Typically we like to recheck your pet’s mouth within one to two weeks after extractions to make sure everything is healing properly.


To aid in diagnosing oral pet conditions, we offer the added benefit of digital dental X-rays. The latest in radiology technology, digital dental X-ray machines provide the convenience of:

  • More accurate images
  • More precise, quicker diagnosis
  • Speedier path to treatment and recovery
  • Faster radiographs (X-rays)
  • Less time under anesthesia
  • Less exposure to X-rays
  • Immediate results available digitally
  • Image email capabilities (we can email you the images per your request)

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