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Quality Dermatology Treatment & Allergy Testing for Pets

Much like humans, pets are also prone to allergy and dermatological problems. Many causes of small animal allergies include:

  • Fleas or other insects that bite
  • Inhalants such as dust mites, molds, tree and weed pollens, grasses, and even other pets' dander
  • Certain types of foods and medications
  • Fabrics, shampoos, or other materials in contact with your pet's skin

With an in-house veterinary laboratory, we have the capabilities to test your pet for an array of common animal skin irritants, such as parasites, secondary infections, and hypothyroidism. We can also send allergy tests to an outside laboratory, yielding quality results usually within one week's time. Once the problem has been assessed and pinpointed, we will then provide immediate, proper treatment to relieve your pet from discomfort and minimize any further allergen exposure. From special diets to flea control products and other appropriate allergy medications, you will find further convenience in our veterinary pharmacy, available both onsite and online.

Typically, allergy issues in pets can lead to mild or even severe skin irritation. Your pet may experience itching, ear infections, scratching, or hair loss. If your pet is continuously displaying any of the signs or symptoms listed below, please contact us to schedule an appointment soon. Allergic reactions have proven to be extremely uncomfortable; thus, prompt treatment of such cases is highly recommended.

Signs or symptoms that may indicate pet allergies if demonstrated in excess:

  • Chewing or licking the paws or legs
  • Rubbing against objects such as furniture
  • Rolling around and rubbing back on the floor
  • Shaking the head
  • Scratching at ears
  • Red spots on skin
  • Hair loss
  • Sores
  • Bumps or hives
  • Abnormal hair coat
  • Red or swollen eyes


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