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Veterinary Nutritional Counseling Improves Pet Wellbeing

As a part of your pet’s complete health care plan, we offer nutritional guidance customized to the individual needs of your dog, cat, or small exotic animal. Whether your companion animal is growing, aging, suffering from illness, or needing to lose weight, a change in diet is often necessary and helpful in treating problems or maintaining overall wellbeing. Such animal nutritional counseling can be discussed during your pet’s annual preventive wellness exam or as a separate appointment specifically focusing on dietary needs.


  • Weight loss or control
  • Wellness or preventive health care
  • Senior pet care
  • Puppy or kitten care
  • Exotic pet care
  • Management of other such small animal problems as:
    • Diabetes
    • Kidney disease
    • Thyroid conditions
    • Gastrointestinal difficulties
    • Food allergies
    • Pet behavioral issues

For added convenience, we carry many trusted diets in-house including highly recommended Hill’s Science Diet , other over-the-counter foods, and specialized prescription diets available for purchase at any time. Please call ahead when possible to make sure we have current stock of the prescription diet food you would like refilled.


When transitioning your pet from one diet to the next, you will need to do so at a gradual pace as animals’ gastrointestinal tracts can be very sensitive to the slightest of changes in diet. We recommend a seven-day transition period. On the first and second days, feed 25% of the new diet with 75% of the old diet. On the third and fourth days, feed 50% new with 50% old. On the fifth and sixth days, feed 75% of the new diet with 25% of the old diet. On the seventh day, feed 100% of the new diet. Be sure to monitor your pet closely during the transition and call us if you notice any alarming symptoms such as vomiting or excessive diarrhea.

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