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The Benefits of Dental Care At Our Facility

It can be hard to compare veterinary services beyond prices, so here is some info that might be helpful. Good questions to ask:

1.) Who is doing the dental treatment and monitoring anesthesia?

Experienced licensed veterinary technicians, licensed with the state of Michigan, are focused solely on taking care of your pet during the procedure. Also, veterinarians are very involved with patient care during dental procedures . This includes assessing the patient's response to anesthesia as well as reading the radiographs, performing oral examination, and charting findings. Veterinarians are always available to help with treatment of anesthesia issues as needed.

2.) What anesthetic monitors will be used?

Our Bionet "VetNext" anesthesia monitor continuously measures important parameters about your pet while it is anesthetized: blood pressure, pulse oximetry (blood oxygen saturation), ECG, heart rate, body temperature, and respiration, including Carbon Dioxide levels. Expired Carbon Dioxide levels (called Capnography) is a very valuable tool for monitoring anesthesia that many veterinary clinics do not have due to the expense of the equipment. Monitoring this allows us to know immediately if your pet is not breathing or not breathing well enough and it can also tell us if there is a problem with the breathing tubes or anesthetic machine. All of this means we would catch and correct any problems right away before it could become life threatening.

3.) Who would be doing any extractions if needed?

Experienced veterinarian, licensed with the state of Michigan. Our veterinarians have taken special courses on dental care- including extracting teeth, dental nerve blocks, and interpreting dental radiographs. Dr Vincent has over 13 years of experience treating periodontal disease and surgically extracting teeth.

4.) How do they sterilize instruments between patients?

We autoclave our dental packs for complete sterilization for all instruments for every patient

5.) Do they monitor for and treat hypotension (low blood pressure) and prevent hypothermia (low body temperature)?

When any reading on our monitor is abnormal, our staff is trained to take steps to correct the problem. This prevents problems like low blood pressure and low body temperature that can be damaging to organs and lead to slow and uncomfortable recovery. We use our Cloud 9 warm air delivery system to maintain or increase an anesthetized pet's body temperature safely and quickly. Low blood pressures are treated with IV fluids or constant rate IV infusions of Dopamine as needed to maintain a safe and healthy blood pressure for anesthetized pets.

6.) Automatic IV catheter placed prior to anesthesia?

We place IV catheters in every pet prior to surgery so that we will have immediate access for giving fluids or drugs in the event that the need arises. This is something that we believe should not be done only in the event of an emergency. Having an IV catheter in place leads to a safer anesthesia experience for your pet.

7.) Dental radiographs included?

Every tooth - crown, roots, and surrounding bone - is imaged with our state of the art digital dental radiograph system. This helps us to analyze the health of the tooth which helps us to better plan treatment for your pet. The digital radiographs allow us to take more views, more quickly, and saves anesthesia time for your pet- making it a safer procedure. Each radiograph is ultimately evaluated and interpreted by Dr Vincent, who has over 13 years of experience, as well as specialized training, in this field.

The care your pet would receive at Log Cabin is top notch. These types of questions can help distinguish the best veterinary care from not the best veterinary care.

We are also accredited with the American Animal Hospital Association which means we must meet certain standards for our surgical, dental, and anesthetic protocols that will ensure that your pet receives the highest standard of care.

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"Always treat their patients with care and put the parents at ease and get right to the problem. We strayed once and it was a big mistake. So glad we came back."
"I really appreciated that you could get Stripes in for ANOTHER appointment so quickly---even during the evening! The staff at Log Cabin are ALL kind and genuinely interested in my pets. Dr. Vincent is WONDERFUL! She always takes time to truly listen to my concerns, answer my questions and she and explains things in an easy-to-understand manner. Thank you for taking such good care of our cats :) "
"I was informed about the procedure and follow up. Received a call the next day to checking on how she was doing. Ruby had good care. Everyone is friendly and caring."
"We have always been very happy with this office and appreciate the level of concern that has been shown for Duke who has developed special needs. Knowing that your staff demonstrates the same level of commitment to his care and well being as we do is extremely gratifying."
"It pleases me greatly the way everyone explains things. My questions & concerns seem to matter."
"I appreciate the thoroughness of the staff and their concern for their patients. There is a very personal feel with this clinic and I would recommend them to anyone."
"Both our Stanlie and Buddy received extremely great care from all the staff at Log Cabin. Showed that they cared about not only the pets, but also the owners of the pets. Thank you for loving our pets as much as we do!"
"Staff was wonderful as usual. We always feel comfortable and confident with boarding at Log Cabin which makes our vacations all the more relaxing."
"We were very happy with our visit. We saw a new Doctor, she was extremely competent. We were seen at our appointed time. Very happy with the service. "
"Always friendly and helpful "
"Everyone was helpful and friendly, as always... "
"Staff is very friendly and helpful. they seem to really care. Are all well trained if any questions can answer them. "
"They took excellent care of my sweet dog. Love them! "
"Very friendly and professional, as always! Love this vet!!! "
"I am very appreciative of both Dr. Vincent for always taking wonderful care of Minnie and Dakota. I am also VERY appreciative of the wonderful staff for making Minnie's regular visits as comfortable for her as possible! You are all great! "
"Cassandra was extremely caring, kind, and thorough in the care of Jessie. Although I do not remember the Doctor's name she was very knowledgeable and caring. It is apparent why the office was so busy. "
"Very good visit . . . perhaps the best ever for our temperamental dog. "
"Everyone was extremely friendly, caring and answered all my questions without making me feel like I was wasting their time. They were also very gentle with my pet and explained everything. "
"You took great care in stitching up Baxter's ear after his run-in with the raccoon. "
"I was very pleased with the service that I received. All the staff was very friendly and did their very best to help our family. Jasper and his family cant thank Log Cabin Animal Hospital enough. "
"The Log Cabin Animal Hospital always takes great care of my Scoobie Dew! They are friendly and courteous and they take the time to explain everything so that I can understand what is going on with my senior dog. They understand that Scoobie Dew is not just a dog, he is a 4-legged, furry family member."
"I was very pleased on how well, Cesar was taken care of , during my visit. I was made well informed of his condition and how help him get better. thank you very much. "
"The entire staff was very careful of my old rickety cat :) and I have all the confidence in the world in them "
"Its very comforable going there, every one is so kind and love the animals, I trust my dog with them. "
"The Dr.'s and staff are great!!! We would recommend them to anyone. "
"Log Cabin provided excellent service for our dog Coco "
"You treat me and my dogs in an excellent way. "
"I really appreciated that you could get Stripes in for ANOTHER appointment so quickly---even during the evening! The staff at Log Cabin are ALL kind and genuinely interested in my pets. Dr. Vincent is WONDERFUL! She always takes time to truly listen to my concerns, answer my questions and she and explains things in an easy-to-understand manner. Thank you for taking such good care of our cats :) "
"Compassionate care to allay Mitzi's apprehension. Very professional and addressed all of my questions & concerns. I never felt rushed. "