Log Cabin Animal Hospital

12950 E. Michigan Ave.
Battle Creek, MI 49014



Curbside Service


**Prior to your appointment, please send us via text or email us any previous records or information you would like us to have for your pet’s visit. When you arrive: Please text us at 269-965-1010 (or call choosing option 0 if you are unable to text)


• We will contact you to discuss any info we need for the visit
• Please confirm your email and cell phone number for contact during your visit
• We will have you bring your pet to our front porch so we can take your pet into the clinic
   - please wear your face mask (we will wear ours) and try to maintain 6 feet social distancing when possible
   - If you have a dog, we will bring our own neck leash to take your pet inside
   - If you have a cat, please sanitize your carrier prior to your appointment
   - Please do not send anything inside with your pet unless it is a requested sample from your pet such as stool or urine
• If the visit is for an exam, Dr Vincent will thoroughly evaluate your pet
• Any requested diagnostics or treatments can be performed
• We will contact you while you wait in the car to discuss exam findings and recommendations as appropriate
• At the end of visit, payment via credit card can be taken via text or in person on the porch
• You will be emailed a receipt
• Your pet (and any needed meds) will be brought to the porch to be transferred to you to take home

If you have any questions about this policy or need to make special arrangements, please contact us! (At least 24 hours prior to your appointment, if at all possible)


ATTENTION: If you are sick in anyway, or are displaying symptoms of Coronavirus, or if you have been exposed to another person that is infected, PLEASE CANCEL YOUR PET’S APPOINTMENT.